Termite & Wood Rot Repair and Restoration

Termite Damage

Before Restoration

With 20 years of  expertise in wood restoration you can be assured of  the best possible results with Master Builders of Marin.

In addition to removing and replacing structural elements damaged by insects or fungal rot, we selectively employ marine epoxies to restore structural integrity when removal and replacement of key structural elements will be too costly.   Our knowledge and expertise in professional wood renovation techniques will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement.   Penetrating marine epoxies are used to maximum advantage to eliminate insect infestation (carpenter ants, termites, etc.) and prevent the spread of fungal rot beyond the immediatley affected area.

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Termite Repair

During Restoration

We have the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to complete the job. By combining old world craftsmanship with current technology, Master Builders of Marin can make your property safe and beautiful again.

In addition we will diagnose how and why the insect infestation or fungal rot occurred in the first place.   We take all necessary measures to prevent future problems and make sure our repairs are permanent.








Termite Restoration After

After Master Builders of Marin Restoration


Restoration Using Marine Epoxy Products


Deteriorated Beam End

Deteriorated Beam End

This photo shows marked deterioration of a beam end exposed to the elements for three decades.













Restored Beam End

Restored Beam End

This is the restored beam end after complete removal of fungal rot, saturation of the adjacent  beam body with penetrating marine epoxy, the installation of structural screws, and filling with solid marine epoxy.   This beam end awaits final sanding and staining to match the appearance of the main body of the beam.   Removal and replacement of this beam would have necessitated dismantling of the structure at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.  Instead this professional restoration cost less than a thousand dollars.